Enjoy our Horses at Lake Titicaca 3.800 meters above sea level !

In Chucuito, a small Peruvian village with a beautiful view over the lake, “Centro Hipico Lago Titicaca” was born. Our vision is to create a sanctuary for horses and humans. A healing place where horses can live in a herd as natural as possible and people can experience a healing process connecting to horses and building  a relationship based on respect, confidence, and non-violence.

Enjoy Being and Learning with and from our horses!

We are available daily from 7:00 to 12:30 am and 2:00 to 5:30pm

Spend your holidays with us and experience an adventure with a magnificent mixture of being with our horses, horseback riding, kayaking on the Titicaca lake and hiking through the unique nature around the lake together with our experienced guides and instructors.

Enjoy rides in Chucuito village and it´s surrounding with beautiful views over the lake
For children and adults


  • Experienced English/German/Italian or Spanish-speaking guide
  • Briefing
  • Aprox. 1 hour guided ride
  • Riding equipment and tame horse
  • Personal walking guide for you and the horse upon request

Enjoy Half day tours to autentic places close to lake Titicaca


  • Experienced English/German/Italian or Spanish-speaking guide
  • Connecting with your horse
  • Preparing your horse for the ride
  • Aprox. 2 – 2,5 hours guided ride
  • Riding equipment and tame horse
  • Personal walking guide for you and the horse upon request

For a better quality of life. Experience the “Therapy with Horses”

  • Our Horses are specially trained for Meetings and Therapy with Adults and Children.
  • Anja Schmid has specialized in Therapy with horses.
  • Her professional experience is a Psychotherapist, Educator and Yoga Instructor
  • The length of a session is 1 hour.
  • We are available daily from Tuesday to Sunday between 7:00 and 12:00 am.

Enjoy 2 days Holidays with our horses


  • Experienced English/German/Italian or Spanish-speaking guide
  • 2 of our tours of horseback riding
  • 1 night accomodation
  • Accomodation includes breakfast, 2 lunches, dinner

Enjoy riding with us!

We ride with bitless bridles and simple riding pads. Our horses are well trained, sure-footed, friendly and tame. We will show you how to guide your horse only with your voice and bodylanguage.

Being with horses

Enjoy horse riding with us and spend time with the horses. Being with a horse, listening, connecting, taking care, guiding and everything else around horses can be an amazing experience.

Riding lessons

Our horses are trained using natural horsemanship and can be ridden with bitless bridles! Learn how to ride using your voice and body language.

Coaching with horses

Connect to the hearts of horses. Nature and animals teach us how to move beyond our current reality into a greater level of consciousness. We help people embrace their passions and purpose through working with our horses.

Healing with horses

Therapeutic riding expands the body, mind, and spirit of children and adults who live with disabilities. We believe that disabilities should not keep a person from connecting with horses.

“This was my first volunteering experience and it was amazing. Anja and Santiago takes such good care of their horses and their volunteers. I planned to stay two weeks, but stayed three. And I wish I could stay even longer.”


“Hemos estado dos semanas en la finca de Anja y Santiago y han sido un tiempo que no olvidaremos fácilmente. El sitio te permite conectar con la naturaleza y la vida en un pueblito pequeño del Perú.”

Kike y BeaVolunteers

“This is an amazing place with an amazing experience with amazing people. I cannot recommend coming here enough and bonding with the horses and the beautiful location just outside Puno. Thanks for everything guys. ”


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Address Chucuito, Puno, Peru, Jr. Glorieta 115